What is Watermelons?

Watermelons is a new concept in decentralized finance, that is inspired by EGGS. The evil watermelons Cartel are going rampage around the world stealing precious watermelons. This has grave consequences and the watermelons (WMS) supply is getting debased (decreasing) by 0.001% every epoch (12 seconds) which is around 7% per day.

What consequences does this have?

The rebase era is over but WMS will spike a new revolution with debase tokens. The debase will increase the value of your WMS automatically if noone is selling. How is that possible? Remember that debase also affects LP. So less WMS in LP over time but same amount of ETH (BNB).
If you understand this concept you have been wms-pilled.

How do we protec our WMS?

You can protect your WMS by depositing into secure vaults. There are three types of vaults. Full, big and smol protect vaults. Full protec vault will protect your precious WMS FULLY and won't be affected by debase. Full protec vault has a locking period of 7 days on deposit and partial withdrawals. No relocks required.
The other two vaults only protect your WMS partially in the form of rewards. The rewards are 10 million WMS per epoch. Big protec vault earns you 9/10 of the rewards by staking WMS/ETH LP (WMS/BNB LP). The smol protec vault earns you only 1/10 of the rewards. Both of these vaults only have a locking period of 24 hours.
Depositing your WMS in either vaults will lock them for 24 hours. Claiming rewards will reset timer and lock for another 24 hours. Depositing or claiming will NOT extend your locking period further. Partial withdrawals will NOT lock for these two types of vaults.
Last modified 2mo ago